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Classics +

- Pasta e fagioli
- Homemade baked tagliolini alla Cipriani with ham
- Homemade baked green tagliolini Cipriani with veal ragù
- Risotto alla primavera
- Beef carpaccio with mix green salad
- Scampi al curry, rice pilaf
- Boneless chicken spezzatino with curry
- Veal chop alla milanese

Sashimi alla Veneziana +

- Thin slices of yellowtail, lemon and mint
- Tuna scottato with braised fennel
- Marinated alaskan cod with pears and yuzu miso souce
- Fried fillet of dover sole with japanese tartare sauce
- New sashimi salmon: wasabi shoyu, seared with olive and sesame oil

Salads +

- Mix: green salad with seasonnal leaves
- Lentils: orange , celery, spring onions
- Monte-Carlo : avocado, cherry tomatoes, scampi, olives,french beans
- Mediterranée: asparagus, mozzarella,  cherry tomatoes, avocado, rucola

Grill +

- Dover sole with mix salad
- Grilled tuna  with sautè vegetables
- Branzino alla veneziana with mix salad 
- Scampi with grilled vegetables
- Organic corn fed chicken and sauté vegetables
- Rib-eye of Angus beef tagliata and sauté vegetables(500g)

Appetizers +

- Artichokes salad with avocado and slices of parmigiano
- Asparagus and beetroot salad with goat cheese
- Fresh burrata with cherry tomatoes rucola and basil
- Seppioline in umido with grill polenta
- Veal tonnato
- Sweet prosciutto crudo from Parma
- Baccala mantecato with polenta
- King crab salad
- Fried calamari and scampi with tartare sauce
- Bresaola with rucola and parmigiano cheese
- Baccala mantecato
- Caviar imperial osetra gold (125g)
- Russian Beluga caviar (500g)

Soups, Pasta and Risotti +

- Minestrone Soup
- Aubergine alla parmigiana
- Tagliarelle delicate with pesto
- Green tagliarelle alla bolognese
- Tagliolini delicati al nero di seppia
- Tagliardi with veal ragù
- Paccheri alla genovese
- Spaghetti with branzino and asparagus
- Pappardelle all'arrabbiata
- Rigatoni all' amatriciana
- Homemade ravioli with spinach and ricotta cheese alla Guardi
- Homemade potato gnocchi with tomato and basil
- Risotto al nero di seppia (Please allow 20 mn)

Fish - Meat +

- Dover sole alla Mugnaia
- Fillet of Dover sole with curry
- Chilean sea bass alla Carlina
- Wild sea bass with cherry tomato and capers
- Seppie in tecia with grilled polenta
- Boneless chicken spezzatino alla pizzaiola
- Calf's liver alla Veneziana with grilled polenta
- Veal farfalle, lemon sauce and rice pilaf
- Veal chop with butter and sauté vegetables
- Fillet of beef alla Rossini, bearnaise and sauté vegetables 

Desserts +

- Selection of homemade cakes
- Individual Tiramisu
- Fruit plate
- Fantastic vanilla ice cream à la minute
- Mix sorbets